RealSpace Theatre is here to push the boundaries of traditional theatre by exploring environmental integration and offering the audience an engaging performance. In partnering with local communities via non-traditional venues, RealSpace Theatre offers a customized, one-of-a-kind experience that reinterprets the audience’s relationship to those environments.


BRUCE HUNTER – Co-Founder & Artistic Director: has been associated with the local improv scene for more than 30 years, most notably as a teacher with The Second City and founder and performer with veteran comedy troupe, Illustrated Men. He has performed in dozens of theatre, television, and film projects: “Hannson”, “The Red Green Show”, “Good Will Hunting”, “Schitt’s Creek”, “Puppets Who Kill”, “Degrassi”, “Waiting for Godot”, “Mean Girls” and “Rookie Blue” to name a few. His spectrum of work – as a performer and a director – has won numerous awards, including Best of the Fringe in 2010 ;  two Canadian Comedy Awards for improvisation, a Gemini for his voice work on  Atomic Betty and awards for his commercial work in Canada and the U.S. He just completed the run of two successful shows in the the 2017 Stratford Festival season.

ERICA WOOD – Co-Founder & Artistic Director: began working as a professionally as a teenager and subsequently trained at LAMDA in the U.K. She has appeared on stages across Ontario in classical pieces, comedies, dramas and musicals. She has appeared on radio, television and in independent films. She also writes and produces for the theatre and has worked as a Script Supervisor for film and TV. As an RCM-Certified Artist Educator,  teacher she is on the faculty at Young People’s Theatre, and can be found leading workshops with Crow’s Theatre, Mirvish Theatre and in schools across the GTA.

To date we have had the privilege to work with nearly one hundred artists –


Since its debut at the 2010 Toronto Fringe Festival (The Getaway) with a handful of people in a speeding van, RealSpace Theatre has grown to include larger, yet nonetheless intimate, local venues as well as projects with more complex casting and staging requirements.

Locations to date:

  • Shaw Park, Toronto, ON
  • Dad’s Diner, Niagara Falls, ON
  • Harmony Lunch, Waterloo ON
  • Queens Tennis Club, Toronto, ON
  • George St. Diner, Toronto, ON
  • A moving van, Toronto Fringe Festival


RealSpace is presently planning shows in:

  • a car wash
  • a garage
  • and maybe even your house!


RealSpace Theatre is dedicated to bringing creative funny people and business communities together.

If you’re interested in how you can get involved, purchase franchise rights for a show, have ideas for a show, or have a space you’d like us to write a show for, shoot us an email at realspacetheatre@gmail.com


“Acting is a career I hope to pursue and being in [Bruce and Erica’s] class helped me improve so much. I learned many skills that I will use in the future. They helped me come out of my shell, become a better actor, and I also made many great friends!” – Emma Exley, 2018

“I had the most amazing time working with Erica and Bruce. Their classes are beyond educational, not only do you learn about the basics of acting, building scenes, and characters, monologues, and improv., but they get you to go outside your boundaries and really explore your inner actor. I would recommend their classes to anyone interested in acting, at any level!” – Kate Caldwell, 2018

“Hands down Bruce Hunter and Erica Wood are the best acting coaches I have ever had! They’re so incredibly knowledgeable and passionate towards acting. They made every second of the course worthwhile. There was never a dull moment. We were always up and working, practicing our techniques and improving our skills. Bruce and Erica created a very positive and energetic atmosphere. Every week I looked forward to class as it was a safe and positive space to grow and learn. The lessons I have learned while taking their classes have greatly benefited me. They have given me a solid foundation, while also providing me with extra knowledge that sets me apart from my counterparts in other courses or auditions in other courses or auditions. I’ve learned to apply all of the various lessons I have learned in all of my auditions and classes. I am proud to say that I have been taught by Erica and Bruce.” – Ola Cieslicki, 2018